About us

Impression  BEE FRIENDLY is a European label that aims to identify and promote pollinator-friendly products and production systems.

This label is developed, managed, and secured by the BEE FRIENDLY Association (created in 2011) bringing together European organizations of beekeepers.

The BEE FRIENDLY Association members:

UNAFThe National Union of French Beekeeping (UNAF) is a professionally organized structure that is fighting since 1946 for protecting bees and defending French beekeepers. It represents more than 22,000 beekeepers today. www.unaf-apiculture.info


anaapiThe UNAAPI (Unione Nazionale Associazioni Apicoltori Italiani) is a federation of Italian beekeeping organizations. It represents thousands of beekeepers. Protection of bees and its environment is its priority.  www.mielditalia.it

lOGO dbib

The German Professional Beekeepers Association e.V. (DBIB) represents the interests of the profession and beekeeping in Germany in ministries, agencies and institutions. The DBIB supports the regional specificities of beekeeping. In many regions the DBIB works together amicably with other beekeepers associations. www.berufsimker.de

The BEE FRIENDLY Association wishes to welcome other European beekeeping associations as new members.