Ressources and press

Impression BEE FRIENDLY press release (10th June 2016): Monoprix commits to the BEE FRIENDLY labelling scheme – Download here

Impression BEE FRIENDLY press release (26th February 2014): Official presentation of the BEE FRIENDLY label at the Paris International Agricultural Show – Beekeepers send a message to farmers: « Producers, join us ! » (In French) – Download here 

Impression Pictures of the BEE FRIENDLY launch during the Paris International Agricultural Show (24th February 2014): Download here  

Impression The French ministry of Agriculture video about the official presentation of the BEE FRIENDLY label – Duration: 54s – Watch HERE

Impression   BEE FRIENDLY  press kit (in French): Download here

Impression  The Bavarian television report about the BEE FRIENDLY commitment of Sternenfair (in German with French subtitles – Duration: 2min51s)

Impression  BEE FRIENDLY  booklet (in French) : Download here

Impression  BEE FRIENDLY fact sheet (in French) :  Download here

Impression  BEE FRIENDLY explanatory diagram (in French) :  Download here

Impression  Sustainable Development Plan for beekeeping (in French) :  Download 

Impression  National survey IPSOS-UNAF, 2011: How the French see the beekeepers and the future of beekeeping (in French) ?  Download summary


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