Which requirements ?


Developed by a panel of bee experts, organic agriculture or agribusiness specialists, BEE FRIENDLY label aims to promote pollinator-friendly systems.

27 specific and measurable criteria among which:

Impression  Ensuring traceability and establishing beneficial crop rotations

Impression  Close supervision of the use of pesticides: a list of prohibited molecules, the implementation of measures to protect pollinators during treatments, etc…

Impression  The prohibition of direct or indirect use of GMOs

Impression  The setup of areas of biodiversity conservation

Impression  The limitation of the mortality of pollinators during harvesting operations

Impression  Partnership with beekeepers’ associations, or support for research projects

abeille transportant pollen POLLENERGIEThe specification establishes a list of qualifying practices and 3 skill levels corresponding to the successive stages of an improvement process.

The label is controlled by an accredited and independent body.

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